navigate your solution the right way

Unify the way your team presents

Create customized step by step work flows that teach reps how to navigate and pitch your solution 

Speak about your solution the right way

Create persona based talk tracks

Give reps the right talking points, questions, and speaking aids to ensure the right things are being discussed the right way

demonstrate your solution the right way

The user sees the steps and notes, not the audience

This is the magic of PromptVu. All the talk tracks, notes, and guides will be hidden from your audience. The only person who will see the aids created in PromptVu is the person who needs them. 

Call recordings don't cut it...

...without practice

Silly metrics that tell reps “you talked 28.98% more than the buyer” don’t help you know what changes need to be made. PromptVu does by helping you create tailored talk tracks that help you present better to the persona you are speaking to. 

Frequently Asked

You’ve got Qs, we’ve got As.

By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of commercial needs, PromptVu has created a easy to use solution that allows presenters to use aids, prompts, and talk tracks without their audience seeing them. Here’s how it works:
PromptVu is built on the powerful and flexible Chromium Framework and because of this, PromptVu operates as a web browser dedicated to assisting the presentation of any website, platform, or internet based solution. This allows PromptVu to operate beyond the limitations of standard browsers or extensions, offering more adaptable and robust presentation tools. This unique foundation means you can access any website and utilize PromptVu’s aid creation.
Once a user has placed prompts on a website, PromptVu utilizes a unique feature called Presentation Mode. This mode creates a mirrored screen, that you will share with your audience, that mimics everything on your screen WITHOUT the aids or prompts.
In essence, your audience will see your movements, interactions, and demonstrations without any of the prompts/aids you have placed around the website.

Who is this built for?  
PromptVu is designed to cater to a wide range of personas and industries, leveraging its advanced features to meet the diverse needs of various professional environments. Here are some key personas and industries that can greatly benefit from PromptVu:
Sales Professionals: Sales teams use PromptVu to create persona based talk tracks, empower their teams to answer commonly asked questions, onboard new reps faster, and utilize sales trainings in real time.
Corporate Trainers and Educators: For those involved in training or education, PromptVu offers an interactive platform that delivers the lessons, strategies, or training modules tailored towards their customers specific product or website.
Product Managers and Developers: These professionals can use PromptVu to showcase new software or product features clearly by creating a pre-made talk track that allows you to speak clearly around what was built and then share out the talk track their audience so that everyone can navigate the changes on their own.
Event Organizers and Hosts: In virtual events or webinars, PromptVu can enhance audience engagement and provide a seamless experience for both presenters and attendees.
Customer Support Representatives: Turn every customer support representative into a pro by creating a prompt sequences that guides them on how to answer every question they are asked by your customers.  
Consultants and Advisors: Professionals in consulting or advisory roles can benefit from PromptVu’s ability to tailor presentations to their client’s specific industry, role, or interest, making their advice and insights more impactful.
Industries that can benefit include:
Technology and Software: For software demos and tech product showcases.
Education and Training: For interactive learning experiences and training sessions.
Healthcare: For presenting medical products, services, or educational content.
Finance and Banking: For explaining complex financial products and services.
Retail and E-commerce: For demonstrating products and engaging with customers.
Manufacturing and Engineering: For detailed presentations of machinery, processes, or engineering solutions.
In essence, PromptVu is versatile enough to be adapted across various industries and roles, especially where presentations, demonstrations, and audience engagement are crucial components of the professional activity.

Complicated tools don’t get used, which is why PromptVu is built to be as uncomplicated as possible. Onboarding includes:
1)    Downloading the Chromium based PromptVu Browser
2)    Signing into your account
That’s it.
From there, your teams will be able to create and save prompts on any website they navigate to. Once your team has created a cadence of prompts and saved them, these “Prompt Sequences” will be available for use at any time.

Our founders are Sales Leaders who found that their sales teams struggled with:
–       Repeating the same pitch to different personas
–       Over dependency on sales engineers for complicated questions and product walk throughs
–       Lack of product expertise
–       Wasted budgets on sales trainings that were hard to adopt
–       Referral Partners/Resellers never really understood the product unless their teams were there to demo
So they created a PromptVu, which allowed them, as leaders, to create persona based walk throughs and trainings that prepared their teams to answer questions and guide their potential customer through the solution in the most effective way possible.
PromptVu is the only solution on the market that gives reps actual help DURING presentations.

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